Hypnotherapy is about utilising a relaxed, deepened mind state so that people are able to access answers from within themselves and are able to take on board positive suggestions. Hypnotherapy can be used to create a state of mind in which NLP techniques are even more profound and effective.Hypnotherapy is nothing like the stage shows! Clients remember the whole session, they can stop at any time, they talk to me throughout the session and I am guided by their feedback. What I usually find is that when I tell people to open their eyes at the end of a session, they don’t want to because they are enjoying the lovely relaxed state so much.

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How I Can Help You at withinspiration  the most popular reasons why people seek hypnotherapy.


At the heart of hypnosis is the process of achieving calmness and relaxation. This tranquil state, stillness of mind, can be beautifully harnessed to replace stress with inner peace and contentment. And become the normal way of being.

Pain Control

This was one of the earliest uses of hypnotherapy in Europe. Before chemical anaesthesia was developed some surgeons used hypnosis to help patients withstand pain during operations. Hypnotherapists use similar principles to help people in chronic pain today. Hypnosis does not eliminate pain, but helps you experience it differently, more easily.


Confidence, or lack of it, is like many other habits and behaviours. The recurring thoughts and feelings we have about our self worth, competence or value to others are triggered by the subconscious. We learnt them years ago, maybe even when we were tiny children.


Some people live with a relatively mild phobia. Others experience extreme distress, hyperventilation and panic attacks. A phobia can cause practical limitations in daily living. It can prevent you doing worthwhile activities, going to particular places or being in specific situations. This can be very upsetting and can effect other areas of life.There are many different types including fears of animal; biological functions; categories of people; forms of transport . Here are some examples:

Flying - Heights - Water -Spiders -Open Spaces - Birds - Wasps- Clowns - Confined - Spaces - Dirt

Anxiety and panic attacks

If you are experiencing anxiety you might notice it effecting many areas of your life. Sometimes you might not know where the anxiety came from. It might seem very generalised. At other times it is more obvious that stress, from work, home, or some other situation, has spilled into other areas of your life and created anxiety.Anxiety may seem illogical yet the feelings are very real. Treatment, using hypnotherapy; EFT and NLP, tackles those feelings and helps you enjoy life again.Once your anxiety is successfully treated you experience a variety of benefits such as:

Stop smoking

Hypnotherapy has helped many people stop smoking. It deals with the unconscious (or subconscious) - the part of you responsible for all your habits. Click Here for more details

Weight control

Many people feel unhappy with the size or shape of their body. This can be for all sorts of reasons. Probably the most common is wanting to be slimmer, to have more control over your weight. We have a 5 step program, Click Here for more details

Developing good habits

Your subconscious maintains your habits of thinking and behaving, because at one time these habits seemed to benefit you. The subconscious does not distinguish between good and bad habits. It just does what it’s taught and then keeps doing it, again and again and again. These habits are almost like computer programmes running in the background, tucked away in your operating system. Hypnotherapy helps you delete those old programmes and write new helpful ones.

Performance enhancing

There are all sorts of ways you might like to improve your performance. Perhaps you want to be more effective at work, to perform better at a sport or hobby, or to improve your skills in communication or relating to others.Read more about performance enhancing

Life goals

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP you can discover exciting new ways of improving your focus, maximising your motivation and pursuing your goals.I use a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy and EFT to help with the following:

Tests and Exams

Sometimes we can be very well prepared for a test or exam but nervousness kicks in and we don't perform as well as we could. This is another situation in which hypnotherapy can be a significant difference.Read more on tests and exams

Interviews and public speaking

There seem to be more and more situations in which we are required to speak in public at one time or another, and then there are interviews too.Read more on interviews and public speaking

Personal change

This is one of the most exciting applications for hypnotherapy. Maybe there is something you’ve always wanted to change in your life, but somehow you’ve always seemed to block it, another example of the subconscious following outdated instructions. It’s time for an update. Hypnotherapy helps you experience the liberation of breaking through old barriers and obstacles. During treatments you can find out what your subconscious has been doing, why it’s been doing it and you can have it do things differently. Who wants to sleep walk through life when they can live consciously.I use a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) , hypnotherapy and EFT to help with the following:

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