Personal Testimonials

Using Phil Parkers Lightning Process technique of combining particular body movements and postures with a set of precisely targeted questions many people have successfully mad positive changes.

We have collected together some fasinating insites into ordinary people, like you and Alastair, that have experienced dibilitating symptoms, and their stories of how they have made positive changes which enables them to now live ormal lives.

The following stories are from Lightning Process graduates, in their own words, and are not evidence.

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Thank you so very much for all your hard work in helping us to get back on track. You really are a great practitioner and so very funny.    Very best wishes 

Sarah (London) March 2016

Thanks Alastair for helping me find that inner child and coach to bring me back to a happier, more relaxed and confident place in my life. regards

Martin (London) March 2016

I learnt a lot about myself this week & discovered that there's plenty more still to discover.   Very best wishes

David (London) March 2016



Thanks so much Alastair for taking on this journey through the Lightning Process. I can honestly say it’s the first time in 3 years that I genuinely feel excited about my future. I'm looking forward using the process and getting the Life I Love. I AM BACK!

love Francesca (Bournemouth) Bournemouth


Thank you Alastair for an enthusiastic fun 3 days and for helping me do find my own sense of fun again. I know I have tools for life I can take anywhere.

Leslie (Glasgow) December 2015


Thank you for teaching me that we always have a choice and for teaching the art of the Lightning Process and what you can achieve with it. I look forward to living a life I love.

Jordan (Bournemouth) October 2015

Thank you Alastair for teaching me how to become unstuck" and for showing me that I have the potential to turn my life around and for providing me with the tools to do just that. Since I started the course, I have slept all night like a baby and I’m becoming my old self again which is a great place to be.

Theresa (Bournemouth) October 2015


OMG, feel like a new person. thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bring it on.

Deidre (Belfast) September 2015


Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I feel much lighter, like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. I will leave today a confident, energetic person excited about the future, and looking forward to the rest of my studies, regardless of formal achievement. All the best.

Rosanna (Bournemouth) September 2015


Alastair. Thank you so much for the three days I’ve not felt this GREAT for a very long time and full of energy, you are a lovely man and made me feel a different person.

Simon (Bournemouth) September 2015


Thank you for teaching me the Process. I have for the first time in a long time, hope for the future. I will use my new skills to be well. I appreciate your training style - caring and understanding and thorough knowledgeable. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Lorraine (Glasgow) June 2015

Thank you for being so inspiring. it gave me hope to think that you are so energetic and positive after having done M.E. yourself. I know I’m going to improve and can’t wait to Live my Life. I’m looking forward to being able to email you all the things I’ve accomplished/trips I’ve been on and situations iv handled. thanks again 

Jean (Glasgow) June 2015

Restored hope - there’s no greater gift! Thank you Alastair 

Ailie (Glasgow) June 2015


Thank you for an inspiring and incredible helpful three days. I have already seen terrific results and for the first in ages, am feeling excited about my life and my future.   Best wishes

Jo (Bath) May 2015


Thank you for opening my eyes to the skills that I have within myself by teaching me the Lightning Process. Thanks you for sharing your story and enabling me to move forward.

Noleen (Antrim) May 2015


Thanks for your openness, energy, sincerity and enthusiasm in teaching the techniques of the Lightning Process.

Adam (Bournemouth)

Alistair is inspirational, caring and gives a hope for the future. How to have Life that is worth living.


Thank you thank you: a great program & thank you for passing on this wonderful process. Great Results

Elizabeth (Bournemouth)

thank you very much, it has been very interesting, it’s given me my Life back!


14 August 2014


thank you alastair, it has been an interesting ride and I hope to be as full of life as you. I must practice.

Celia (Bournemouth) 7th August 2014


Thanks Alistair for teaching us the Lightning Process in such a patient and compassionate way. It made a big difference to me!

Manus (Glasgow)

Thanks Alistair for giving me the skills and being so patient, ... I will recover and be well again.

Angelia(Glasgow) 18 July 2014


thank you for these tools and look forward to using these and feeling so positive about the future now.

Michele(Bournemouth) 10 July 2014


Thank you! happy to move forward positively and proactively!!

 (London) 6 June 2014


I am super glad I took part in this course, Alastair did a great job at going through the process with us. I am doing recovery now! I think it’s amazing that randomly on the second day I started smiling for no particular reason.

Kirsten (Edinburgh) 9 May 2014


What a fascinating course. I have learnt so much and feel great that I now have the tools to change the way I deal with things. After many years I now feel I am on the right track - thank you so much for sharing me the way!

Janice (Bath) 3 May 2014


Many Thanks for your inspirational course! I'm looking forward to living the life that I love!

Helen (Bournemouth) 4 April 2014


I am so pleased to have done this. Thank you so much Alastair.  You are in the right job!

Jean (Bournemouth) 4 April 2014


Thank you so much Alastair. I'm so happy and relieved that I’m now well on the way to being my usual energetic self. I’ve really enjoyed the course.

Susannah (Bournemouth) 4 April 2014


Alastair, thank you so much for a fabulous, deeply enlightening three days. I’m still smiling, because I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to start practicing and getting on with my new life!

with love, thanks and very best wishes to you.

Ruth (Lancaster) 21 March 2014


Thank you Alastair for helping me with this process. You have revolution the way I think about myself and my condition. I am so excited for the future and I feel more optimistic and alive than I have felt for years. You have been an amazing coach - you have been so enthusiastic and have motivated me so much. I haven’t had this much energy in years.

Jess (Antrim) 7 March 2014


Thank you for restoring my confidence and seeing that there is HOPE and light at the end of the tunnel. I feel so excited and optimistic for the future ahead of me and I can’t wait to see the many good things coming my way.

Beth (Antrim) 7 March 2014


Thank you for the last 3 days. I have noticed a massive difference in myself. It has been really inspirational: I am very much looking forward to the future.

Georgina (Bath) 21 February 2014


Thank you so much for the 3 days - it's been really enlightening and inspiring - I feel for the first time that I really can influence my future!

Sandra (Bath) 21 February 2014


Big thank you from course senior for three great days. I am on the journey!

Christopher 21 February 2014


Thank you for a magically three days - I am now looking forward to living my life with kindness and joy ;)

Sue (Bath) 21 February 2014


Thank you so much Alastair for helping me realise that I can really take my own health into my own hands.

Theo (Bournemouth) 19 December 2013


Thank you for making me realise that I can turn my situation around, you have given me a tangible since that I can have joy and zeal and excitement .... you have helped me become transformed ....

Catrina (Bournemouth) 20th November 2013


Thank you Alastair! I feel that I've been given the key to a door which has been locked for a long time! I now have the tools to make the changes I've so desired. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

Eilidh (Glasgow) 26 July 2013

This has been an extremely uplifting experience and I now feel hope that my future will be worth living. I like to be in charge of my health so this was ideal for me. Thank you.

Katie (Glasgow) 26th July 2013


Thankyou Alastair! You've been a real inspiration and your passion and devotion is excellent.

Conrad (Bath) 5 July 2013


Hi Alastair

It’s 3 weeks now since I did the Lightning Process course and I’m writing to let you know how I’m getting on. I’m just getting ready to go to my induction day at my new secondary school tomorrow: a whole day in a busy atmosphere: whoa, I can do this! School has been great: I’ve been going in every day part time and did my cycling proficiency 2 weeks ago. I even managed to monitor for the little kids at lunchtime last week. They chased me all round the field and jumped on top of me. Cricket is great: everything is so much easier. I’ve played lots of matches: I’m just enjoying playing. I’m back to playing my drums and thoroughly enjoying it. We’re having a ‘My school’s got talent’ show in a few weeks which is what I’ve been hoping for all through primary school: time to rock on the drums! I’m playing in orchestra again and managing to concentrate extremely well. We’ve got a concert next week and I’m playing timps and bass drum. I’ve reorganised my birthday party for next weekend (which had been postponed twice before): I’ll let nothing stand in my way this time! At home my little sister may be loud, but now I’m louder! I’m back to joining in everything with family life. I’m having refreshing sleep all the time.

Thank you SO much for helping me teach myself that I am a powerful genius. Give me 5!

From Sam    -    Aged 11    -      23 June 2013


I'm so Pleased I took time to complete the 3-day L.P programme. It’s the best "me" time investment I’ve made and I’m excited about what changes I can du. Thanks Alistair for brilliant tuition - all the best for the future.

Alwyn (Glasgow) 14 June 2013

Thanks Alastair for your support for the last 3 days to help get my Life back on track, looking forward to me on word journey using L.P.

Wendy (Glasgow) 14 June 2013


Hello Alastair

Just wanted to email and say I've got my daughter back.  As someone said to me the other day it's like Rosies light has been switched back on.  I am sure she has told you that she is swimming again, playing hockey, riding, gymnastics and just been out on her practise Duke of Edinburgh expedition, which she loved.

 She is back to the sunny natured, optimistic girl she used to be, it's wonderful for me to watch but even more wonderful for Rosie herself.  I must admit I'm still holding my breath a bit, as there have been good patches before, but never so prolonged or as 'good'.

 I had parent’s night on Wednesday, all of her teachers were so complimentary about her zest for learning and willingness to have a go, it was great for her to hear.  She passed all of her 3rd year exams, no small achievement considering how little she had managed school over the past 2.5years.  She has only missed 1.5 days of school since she took the course in the Easter holidays, a flu bug brought home by her sister.

 I am overjoyed to see her running about and fooling around with her friends, she's got her life back.

 With every best wish

 Fiona (Glasgow) 24th May 2013 - 6 weeks after course -


Hi Alastair. When I arrived home today I started dancing to music in my head and felt a wonderful surge of happiness that the box I have been trapped in for so long has been opened letting forgotten happy memories flood out and releasing the child in me who had to become an adult too soon!   Alastair I sensed you were using every ounce of your being to teach me that through the lightning process I can be truly free and fly light the Red Admiral butterfly dancing her way over the meandering stream.  As your first blind client, with all my heart I thank you for accepting me onto the lightning process course; you are truly inspirational in the way you adapted the course for me and I hope you found yourself speechless in a good way? I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my blind friends and family!

Best wishes and inspiration

Wendy (Bristol) 10th May 2013


Absolutely amazing...I am sincerely grateful for the course!

Robert (Bath) 10th May 2013


Thank you Alastair -  you are an inspiration and a genius. I also thought your ability to adopt to the special situation in our group was tremendous.

Sally (Bath) 10th May 2013


Thank you Alastair for giving me my balance back " finding my EQUALIZER"

Neil (London) 26th April 2013


Thank you soooo much! You have given me the tools to get back to the Life I Love!

Rosie (Glasgow) 12 April 2013

Thank you for putting a smile back on my face and making me look forward to a day. this experience has made me open my eyes and appreciate every little thing in life.... thank you!

Ed (Bath) 19th Sept 2012

Thank you so much - I have loved doing the course with you, Alastair, I have learned so much and am laughing, smiling and loving life.

Catrina(Glasgow)13th Sept

thank you, I now have the confidence to enjoy my life. What a journey in 3 days!

Julia (Bournemouth) 20 July 2012

Thank you, I feel I now have my life back.

Jason (Bournemouth) 20 July 2012

thank you, you are a powerful genius...You’ve guided me towards the life I love....

Andy (Bournemouth) 5 July 2012

Thank you so much for all your help and support...I feel like a whole new person now! I have all the energy and confidence now to tackle anything! I am just amazed by the fantastic changes that I have noticed already. I really can’t thank you enough.

Julia (Bournemouth) 13 April 2012

Alastair, thank you so much, you are a wonderfully open person whose enthusiasm is contagious, I’m very pleased I chose you for this amazing journey. you explained the process and its application creatively and with great humour. in your words " Natahha is back"! Hoooooorrrrraaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha (Bournemouth) 29 March 2012

thank you so much for teaching me this incredible skill, i can now use this for many things I love doing, and can now have an amazing life.

Tobias      18th March 2012

Thank you for your coaching and encouragement, I now feel that I have the tools to change my life not just my illness...I am changing my life many thank

James     1 Feb 2012

Thank you for this inspiring environment and also so much more! I look forward to the future because of the tools you've given me. all the best

Bethaney    22 Feb 2012

Thank you for providing me with this fantastic process, for me it has been a life changing experience.

Dave 22 Feb 2012

I've felt so much better since doing the Lightning Process and coming to your BYF seminar. I went back to Exeter able to do all my exams after Easter and passed my 1st year with a 2:1 and an esteemed Dean's Commendation! Over the summer I wanted to make the most of my good health and joined a gym. For the first time ever I was well enough to go every day and I built up to being able to run 5k in 40mins! My timetable at unit this year is absolutely crazy - I'm so busy but I'm somehow managing to fit in windsurfing, lectures, studying, my radio show, marketing the radio station, windsurf weekends away and going out with friends! I still get a bit tired (who wouldn't with a life that busy!) but it's not the same kind of tired as before. I don't even have to think too much about using the techniques apart from if I specifically need them.

Thank you for helping me to help myself get better.

Gemma Astbury - 14 October 2011

I had been suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for almost two years before I attended the Lightning Process seminars. My symptoms varied on a day to day basis, but often included oversensitivity to light and sound, muscle pain and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. My social and school lives were suffering, and I was becoming increasingly depressed with each day. I had tried a few different medical and alternative treatments, but nothing seemed to work. 
I had heard about the Lightning Process from the media, but was unconvinced by its huge claims. One might say I felt threatened by it, as though it might somehow undermine the legitimacy of my illness. It was not until I received a phone call from a family friend, who recounted me with his story of recovery, that I decided it might be time to rethink things. I looked into the process more thoroughly, and although a lot of organisations presented it negatively, I decided I wanted to give it a try.
Alastair accepted me into a group, and within weeks I was sitting down to my first seminar. In three short days I learnt a technique that has completely changed my life. I went back to school full time, and soon began university.
I am now in my final year, and am so grateful to have experienced university life the way it should be - healthy, happy and independent. I cannot thank Alastair enough for his role in my recovery. 


Natasha Feiner - 02 November 2011

Bournemouth April 2010 

Thank you so much Alastair! I am looking forward to improving more and have a life I love. I’m glad it was you that helped me! I don’t want to leave Bournemouth.


Thanks Alastair. I feel I’m finally on track to start living the life I’ve wanted for so long. Look forward to speaking to you soon and may bump in to you sometime if I do make the move to Bournemouth



contact us

London Feb 2010

Ava age 12(just) by Ava's mum Kathryn

A fantastic course that was excellently tailored to Ava’s level. A great skill to learn for life and a massive positive change for Ava in a very short time.

Many thanks and here’s to the future


Antrim Feb 2010

I will be forever grateful to you for teaching me a fantastic life skill. Much appreciated


Nov 2009

Thank you alastair, you are a great teacher and the experience enjoyable. I have had a wonderful results and enjoy the moments – then all those to come …Denise

Bournemouth October 09

Many thanks Alastair. I think this is what was missing for me.


Southampton September 09

What can I say? Thank you Alastair – I’m “doing” energised, confidence and full of joys of autumn. Truly life changing experience – I’ve got my life back


Brilliant Alastair, I really can’t believe the complete change in me. I feel like a new person. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to start living a life to the full now. Thank you Judy

Bournemouth August 09

Thank you for an inspiring training, my life has now been given the tools to be the life I want and I will love. The future is going to be very good now.


Thank you so much for all your help and patience in helping me to find my potential and in giving me back control of my life.


Antrim N Ireland July 09

Thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day seminar – now look forward to the future. Alastair – was a star! Thanks a million!


Excellent course – I feel I have made massive strides and am well on my way to a healthier and happy life. Thanks Alastair


Thank you so much, I feel very liberated and like I have come back to the life I love. I am looking forward to the future. God bless


Bergen June 09

I stand in awe of the fact that something so simple can totally change your life for the better


Bournemouth May 09

I feel more confident and calmer. Thank you so much. I have me back


I feel a lot healthier and a lot more confident - like a powerful genius! This process has reintroduced me to someone I thought I’d lost and would never get back. I will be forever thankful to Alastair and this treatment


Bournemouth April 09

Oh my god! I have my life back! Not my M.E. life. I’m not “doing” M.E. anymore! I’m doing walking I’m doing smiling! I’m Doing awake! I’m doing a great life! I can do anything I want to! and I'm never going to use a wheelchair again thank you so much!


A brilliant process that has given me back my life.


Thanks for giving me the tools to get my life back. Wish you and everybody involved in the process all the very best. Live the life you love.


Bergen March 09

It seems my whole world changed, in only 3 days. I am excited to experience the long term results this has for my life.


Thank you for the tools of the Lightning Process. Thank you for 3 good days.


Bournemouth March 09

March Bournemouth when you have hit the bottom and ache desperate for your life back, do the Lightning Process. I am myself again!


Thank you for getting me to find the way to get my life back. I can’t wait to show the world the old/new me


Oslo Feb 09

A life changing experience. I have confidence that this is the start of a new life.


Thank you so much this will change my life


Bournemouth January 2009

Thank you I can now live the life I deserve and want. I now feel true happiness.


An inspiring and rewarding 3 days and very well presented- thanks

Name not disclosed

Amazing effective process Many Many thanks


Thank you Alastair your energy and enthusiasm has made the course life changing


Thank you Alastair for your kindly, sensitive care of us all. Your enthusiasm and livingness to us all phenomenal.



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Bournemouth Nov 2008

The process was explained in such a way that after day 1 it was fairly easy to take on board. Lots of encouraging feedback, both by Alastair and the group.


Thank you so much for bringing my life back on track. I’m going to use it for the rest of my life and I really hope that I can teach others to do this process. You are a fantastic person. Thank you so much.


Bergen November 2008

Thank you for this fantastic course it has been 3 fabulous days and now I will live my life I’ll love


Thank you for this fantastic seminar – this brings me back to life, back to work back to my family and friends – thank YOU!!


My life is back on track. I’m going to use for the rest of my life. Thank you


Thank you so much for teaching me how to use the lightning Process! I am looking forward to my new life – the life I love! You are a truly wonderful person


Bournemouth October 2008

Bless you for your inspiring presence and passing on the most valuable life tool. I am a new ‘Loveday living the life I love


Alastair. thank you so much. You are an inspiring positive driving force and I know we will all benefit from this. You're fab-


With your help Alastair – the lightning Process has changed my world! You truly have inspired me and I can’t wait to see where my life leads now.

Love Becki

Thank you for showing me the light.


Alastair – You are the most f fantastic trainer. I’m so glad to have come on your course and have had my life changed by you. Love the humour you bring to it all!


Fran was so inspired by her recent Lightning Process Training, she re-wrote this famous Abba Song.

Mama Mia and the Lightning Process ...

So I say thank you for the Process
the Life I'm living
Thanks for all the joy it's bringing
Who can live without it?
I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Life or a Love what are we
So I say thank you for the Process
for giving it to me.

Testimonials from the BERGEN Course - 11 September 2008

It was amazing, thank you!  Britt

Thank you for helping me change my life. Me and my duck will do great! Sara

 Thank you … so much! especially your good humour   Randi

 Thanks for showing me that I have the power. It means the world SMILE   Maren

 Had a great time!  for me, LIFE CHANGING!!  Janne

Anne - Aug 08

You’re a great and fabulous trainer! Energetic person! So positive! 
Makes people happy and gives them hope! Thank you

Knut - Aug 08

The Lightning Process is fantastic

Olav - Aug 08

Alastair is a good trainer. Has a good sense of humour that makes it easier to commit and relax? He is good at not letting go when we are stuck. He is very committed and easy to trust. Thank you very much

Barbra - Aug 08

Alastair is fantastic

Melissa - Aug 08

Thank you very much for teaching me the lightning process and giving me life skills. I’m now able to go forward, change my life for the better!

Dave - Aug 08

Alistair more than delivered on what was promised with a great sense of humour and easy style.

A huge thanks for giving me the tools that changed my life

Eva - July 08

This LP has been wonderful to me, and the trainer has done a great job to me. He has been an inspiration

Breedge - July 08

Thanks I have my life back, very positive and happy I’m looking forward to the future!

Eamon - July 08

Feeling positive about the future thanks

Meave - July 08

Feel fantastic, thanks a mill

Lucy age 16 - July 2008

I just wanted to say thank you for accepting me on the course and teaching me the Lightning Process. I was thrilled and astounded by the results and can now live a life I love.

Lucy's mum Clare - 7 July 08

Dear Alastair

A week on and Lucy is flying high, already having achieved some of the activities on her “to do “list.

Words cannot express our deep feelings of gratitude to you, and our wonder at how the Lightning Process can transform people’s lives. People are simply amazed when they see Lucy now as it is like a miracle has taken place. I feel very privileged to have seen you in action and would just like to say” you are a perfect genius”, truly very gifted at what you do. So many people have asked about your work, after seeing or even hearing about Lucy, they now wonder if the process could help someone they know. I have given your website details .so don’t be surprised if you get an influx of enquiries! . we haven’t had to do any difficult explaining, they have just looked at Lucy and said “WOW”

I find the whole concept very exciting, really breaking through the frontiers of medicine. I can’t help wonder how many more illnesses could be improved simply by the power of the minds. How much more sophisticated than drugs and surgery. How optimistic for the future………wow!

We all miss Bournemouth and that sense of optimism, energy and peace that surrounded us that week. However, even the niggling problems that await us on our arrival home didn’t bother me in the same way they would have prior to Bournemouth.

Lucy is well and we feel very blessed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

With the Bestest of wishes


For Anxiety, Fear and obsessive thoughts & behaviours, - July 2008

Thank you, this process gives you the confidence to make the 1st step to get better, and towards the life I love …. Rosemary

Rosemary - June 08

Alastair has a great ability to empathise and gives time to each person. Thank you

Elizabeth - May 08

A truly amazing experience and insight into oneself.

Monica - May 08

I would like to thank Alastair Gibson for giving so much into the course. You did great. I had a great time and will recommend this to others.

Helen - May 08

The enthusiasm of Alistair has inspired me and also his belief in the process has given me the encouragement that it rally can work.

Paula - April 08

A brilliant experience. So happy I took the course. Alistair is a wonderful inspiration

Joan - April 08

Best thing I have done in 9 years of suffering. I thought 1 to 1 would have been better but group was definitely better

Julie - March 08

Alistair Gibson is an excellent teacher, trainer and friend.
Excellent Job I am truly grateful

Barbara - March 08

Really enjoyed the course and I’m very glad to have completed it. Thanks for your help and guidance. It’s been brilliant. I would really recommend it. You were very encouraging throughout. Thank you

Jane - March 08

You were excellent. Your hard work commitment and dedication are greatly appreciated. I know this process has changed my life and my family will be delighted

John - March 08

Alastair is a great coach that gives warmth and is a genius

Mark's story - February 2008.
In February 2008 I did the Lightning Process Training with Alastair Gibson in Dublin. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for more than 2 years. My symptoms included 
widespread body pain and constant fatigue. Within days of doing the training I was well on the road to changing my symptoms. I started jogging, swimming, cycling and playing football. A week after the seminar I went to San Fran on holidays and had a fantastic time. I even cycled across the golden gate bridge. I’m now enjoying life, events are exciting rather than a burden, the simple things in life make me smile and I have lots of things to look forward to.

If you have Chronic Fatigue, I would highly recommend this training. Don’t go at it half hearted, be prepared to work your socks off, the rewards are fantastic…

A big thank you to Alastair for giving me the tools I needed.


Mark - February 08

Really enjoyed the course. Learned a lot. I feel fantastic and I’m ready for a bright future. Thank you

Pat's story - Thursday 3rd January 2008.
My Name is Pat and I live in Dublin, Ireland. In 2000 I got sick and my G.P. sent me to hospital. He thought it was sadness. I spent seven weeks in hospital and still no change when I came out.

After that I went to a general hospital for three weeks. I had tests done and they found nothing. A couple of weeks later I went to another hospital for some several tests, again they found nothing.

After about six months, I was still suffering from tiredness and no energy, so I found a clinic in Germany and they treated me with vitamins. While in Germany they discovered I had M.E. chronic fatigue. The treatment in Germany worked for a while but then I returned to my fatigue state again. I went to Germany five times and it cost me a lot of money.

Then in December 2007 I discovered the Lightning Process. I did the course in Bournemouth with Alastair. After the three day course my energy came back and I am a NEW MAN.

Ciara - January 08

I found the lightning process very helpful as it highlighted thought patterns that I have which are destructive but now I can send them all to “the Pit” and get better and better every day through this amazing life skill that I have gained over the last three days. Thank you Alastair for making me realise that I really CAN do it! I am so excited about the future and look forward to being/Doing the real me! I think everyone should have a go at the LP even if they don’t have ME/anxiety etc. I would say it’s an essential life skill.

Jane's story
Fibromyalgia controlled my life, my mind and my spirit for the last 12 years, more particularly the past 6 years.

I have done everything to get well. Yes, exercise helps, but only in a limited way. Some medication, relaxation, meditation, and cognitive behavioural therapy help but all in a very limited way. All the above treatments only touch the surface of the illness. With this treatment you can feel really and truly well and alive again.

As an analogy I would say a healthy person is like a balloon full of energy. I was the balloon that had been pricked, totally flat, totally energy less. My mind had to drag my painful and fatigued body around. My life was very, very tough.

I have done the lightning process and I am overawed at the rapidity of my progress. This is what we have been waiting for!

After two weeks I love noisy, crowded places and busy streets that bustle. I can now talk, argue, concentrate and discuss issues again with energy and passion. I can listen to loud music, dance, walk and cycle wherever and whenever I want.

My home is no longer a morgue, dominated by a person living with a truly horrible illness. I am now truly well and alive.

You may be sitting at home reading this finding it very hard to believe how well you can feel in a short space of time and that is understandable.

However, the LP worked for me and, if for me, WHY NOT FOR YOU!





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