An Advanced Practitioner of the Phil Parker Lightning Process, Alastair Gibson has taken more than 500 people through this powerful change system.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process® is an effective powerful training course which teaches you  how you can influence your health and life using technique based on the way the brain and body interact.

The Lightning Process® is a system of knowledge and skills you can easily learn to change your life and lead the life you love.

The Lightning Process adopts a three phase approach: Phase 1 - Phase 2 - Phase 3

Our body affects our brain and our brain affects our body.

You learn techniques to recognise and stop recurring negative physical and mental cycles. You learn skills to promote positive physical and mental cycles.The process continues when you return home to practice these techniques in your daily life.

The Lightning Process is a powerful combination of techniques developed from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coaching, self-hypnosis and osteopathy. They work as an integrated package.

Phase 1 –Your preparation

Planning your journey, finding a way out of being stuck - a great life skill
• Research the Lightning Process® and approach a practitioner
• Alastair Gibson will answer any questions you have.
• You may find it useful to read the book “Introduction to Lightning Process®”
Click Here to complete the online application form (or if you prefer I’ll send you a copy)
• On receipt of application we will set up an appointment for a telephone assessment to make sure that the Lightning Process® is suitable for you.

Phase 2 - Skills and knowledge transfer

Lightning Process® interactive discovery seminars (3 consecutive days)
• Alastair Gibson learns about you
• You find out how you have been stuck
• Learn the tools of the Lightning Process
• Apply the techniques and gaining experience
• Coaching and feedback on personal progress
• Supervised practice of Lightning Process techniques
• You do it at your own pace
• The Lightning Process® safely puts you in charge
• Comprehensive materials to take away including audio CD, helping you with your new life skills.

Phase 3 - Living the life you love

On-going support to help your new skills become a way of life
• Minimum of 3 hours of coaching over the year
• Refining skills
• Putting Lightning Process® into practice
• Twitter and Facebook support
• Monthly news letters


Can Anyone Learn It?

It has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to use and Lightning Process Practitioners have trained a wide range of people aged between 7 and 87, with a variety of issues and abilities. Alastair will be happy to discuss any special requirements or concerns you may have.

If you think that this approach which uses a combination of life coaching, self-hypnotherapy, NLP and osteopathy can help you with the issues you currently experience then please get in touch with Alastair.

How does it work?

Many people ask how is it possible for the Lightning Process training programme to help you influence your body's health? The body's Physical Emergency Response holds the key.

Physical Emergency Response (PER)

Whenever the body senses a threat, for example; • Breaking a leg • Eating 'bad' food • Emotional shock

What's covered on the course?

The Lightning Process three- day seminar is an interactive journey of discovery that takes approximately 12 hours to unfold and is designed to teach you:
• 1. About the PER and what happens if it is constantly switched on.
• 2. How to Spot when the PER is occurring
• 3. How to Calm the PER through specific steps using of movement, posture, coaching. These steps are not vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet the capabilities of even the most debilitated clients.
• 4. How to make this change to your physiology permanent by practicing the steps so that they become automatic, leading to health and well being.

Still have a few more questions?

Call me on 01202 269 972 or 07949 785 334 and start living the life you deserve today, or Click Here to complete the online application form.






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